Treating ADD & ADHD

Treating addiction

What is neurofeedback?

Santa Barbara BrainFitness offers the latest in brain training and brain optimization. We integrate neurofeedback and cognitive behavioral strategies to improve the functioning of our clients.  Neurofeedback has been around for over 30 years and has a substantial body of research to support its safety and efficacy.


What Our Clients Report

Less anxiety and panic

Feeling more optimistic

More distance from negative thoughts

Increased self-awareness

Greater insight into problems

Improved focus

Feeling more grounded

Being more efficient at work

Clearer thinking

Improved coping abilities

Generalized sense of feeling better overall

Increased feelings of “being in the present”

Greater ability to articulate thoughts

More ease in reading and comprehending

Falling asleep faster

Fewer awakenings in the night

Waking up earlier, naturally, and feeling refreshed

Less fatigue in the daytime